RIIZE Anton looks perfect when wearing an Adidas tracksuit

RIIZE Anton wearing an Adidas tracksuit

1. He’s perfect for Adidas

2. F*cking handsome

3. He’s cute and handsome

4. He looks good, Adidas suits him so well

5. Maybe it’s because he has muscles, that tracksuit suits him so well

6. Hul… Anton is so cute

7. Adidas really suits him

8. He’s pretty and handsome

9. It’s surprising that his mouth is actually his father’s mouth

10. He is innocent and handsome

11. He’s really handsome, looks exactly my taste

12. It’s cute that his athletic abilities are only focused on swimming

13. Why is he so handsome?

14. It’s heaven… small face, nice jaw, thick and long neck… daebak

15. Wow, I thought it was CF

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