RIIZE Anton’s shocking close-up pictures were taken with the phone camera

RIIZE Anton’s close-up pictures were taken with the phone camera in real time


Look at the length of his legs…

Journalist pictures

Other pictures

1. He is so handsome…

2. He’s getting more and more handsome

3. I heard that in the Korean-American community, everyone considers him a son-in-law

4. He’s handsome, he’s tall, his body proportions are good and his face is also so pretty

5. I’m really jealous of his nose

6. He’s young but his aura is amazing. He’s handsome, has good proportions and is tall, so what else is he missing?

7. His proportions are crazy

8. He has the looks, height and aura

9. Why can I only see his nose?

10. Anton’s aura is crazy

11. I really want to see him in real life

12. Wow… he’s really handsome and his physique is crazy

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