RIIZE commented “Thank you sunbaenim” on a video mocking BLACKPINK Rosé

RIIZE commented “Thank you sunbaenim” on a video mocking Rosé

1. Whether it’s the admin or the member, they are so rude, I can’t believe it

2. I understand why rookie idols are blocked from using social media

3. Rosé..? I like RIIZE, but this has crossed the line with my Rosé..

4. I just feel sorry for Rosé…

5. I don’t feel like he was mocking Rosé, I think he did it because he’s a fan of Rosé

6. I hope they explain who wrote it and apologize

7. I guess it was written by a member, I don’t think the phrase “Thank you sunbaenim” itself was written by a staff member

8. This group has many controversies…

9. Have they ever seen Rosé? Thank you sunbaenim, they are so rude

10. Anton wrote that comment, right??

11. I don’t think they made this comment to mock her, but I still think it was wrong, whether it was the staff or Anton

12. I swear I’m not a fan of RIIZE, but I think RIIZE will do better even if controversies like this happen

13. I guess they became more famous because they were criticized a lot

14. I heard that the person who left the comment was Anton

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