RIIZE makes netizens gasp with ‘RIIZING’ Trailer


1. Sohee’s rock voice is crazy

2. They sing and dance well, no matter the concept

3. Sungchan…Wonbin… they’re amazing ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. I already like this song, it’s crazy

5. Who is the thumbnail?

-> Anton!

6. Wow the thumbnail is crazy

7. This song is so good. When will it be released?????.???!!???

8. The name RIIZE seems like a good name for an idol group

9. Sohee’s voice is crazy

10. I love Anton so much, what should I do?

11. Wow, this concept is the best

12. I think the song is so good. Wonbin’s idol skills are crazy

13. I’m even more excited after watching the trailer!

14. Sohee’s voice is a treasure… I keep listening to it

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