RIIZE Seunghan will be absent from ‘NPOP’ pre-recording today due to controversial pictures

RIIZE Seunghan will be absent from ‘NPOP’ pre-recording today

RIIZE will proceed with their scheduled pre-recording for their debut stage on ‘NPOP’ on this day. However, member Seunghan will be absent, and the group will perform as 6-members

SM, “Seunghan will be absent due to his poor health caused by body ache symptoms.”

1. If he has a conscience, he should leave the group

2. I really feel sorry for Shotaro and Sungchan

3. I was shocked when I searched Twitter and saw the pictures… Why did he take it and upload it somewhere to go viral…;;

4. Why?? I’m asking because I really don’t know

5. Is he the kid in those pictures?

6. Just leave the group

7. It’s lucky for SM that it exploded right before their official debut

8. It’s SM, I don’t think they’ll kick him out of the group

9. No, why wasn’t he careful?

10. Why did he take such pictures right before debut?

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