RIIZE ‘Siren’ entered at #23 on Melon Top 100

RIIZE ‘Siren’ entered at #23 on Melon Top 100

1. It is a real masterpiece

2. This song by RIIZE is still my favorite, but I’m so excited to see the digital version released

3. The song is really good

4. I have to listen to it after work

5. Wow, I’m so curious. I’ll listen to it right after work

6. RIIZE seems to be very good at choosing songs

7. I’ve been waiting for this!!!!

8. It seems like this is a song that even muggles are looking forward to, they always ask when the song will be released

9. The song is so good, I saved it to my playlist on the way to work

10. RIIZE is so popular, they are amazing

11. But even muggles know this song more than I thought.. I like this song

12. I like the song, the melody is amazing

13. But this song is really good

14. I’m so curious, but I can’t listen to it right now. I’ll have to listen to it on my way home from work

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