RIIZE ‘Siren’ ranked 21st on the Melon daily chart

RIIZE ‘Siren’ ranked 21st on the Melon daily chart

1. It’s a big hit. I don’t think I expected that much

2. Wow daebak. I listened to it this morning on my way to work. The song is amazing

3. RIIZE is awesome, seriously

4. Wow the choreography is so difficult

5. Considering it was announced on release day and there was no promotion at all, I think they did so well

6. I’ve listened to it hundreds of times

7. I thought I was the only one who liked it, but everyone listened to it

8. The choreography was so intense that I felt excited

9. Wow~ The song is addictive

10. Ah, I really want to see the stage soon….

11. I feel energized when I listen to it on my way to work

12. The song is so good, and when I listened to it, the members sang so well

13. The song is so good

14. I love this song so much

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