RIIZE stuns netizens with their photos on day 2 in Lisbon for Impossible

RIIZE DAYS IN LISBON #2 【Impossible】 ➫ 2024.04.18 6PM (KST)

1. Sohee, it looks like a painting of an old sports brand

2. Wow Sohee’s face really suits my taste….

3. Anton has good vibes

4. Sungchan is handsome no matter what he does, even the military uniform suits him;;

5. Ah, Sohee’s beanie suits him so well

6. Wonbin’s aura is amazing

7. Wonbin is crazy

8. Wonbin, Sungchan, these two are really handsome

9. They all look different and handsome

10. I’m really looking forward to RIIZE’s song

11. Sohee looks like a model

12. Wonbin and Sungchan are really handsome

13. Wonbin is so good at taking pictures and posing, his eyes are so beautiful

14. Eunseok’s clothes are flashy but you can only see his face

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