RIIZE Wonbin amazes netizens with his visuals on his way to Japan in real time

RIIZE Wonbin departs for Japan in real time

1. I’m jealous of his skin

2. Long hair suits him so well

3. This guy has a crazy aura

4. He’s amazing. I did some research and found out that he even sings and dances well

5. Wonbin is really handsome

6. His aura is crazy, looking like a main character in a Hong Kong historical drama

7. Wow, he looks so handsome

8. I think that hair looks great on him

9. Wow, his face even looks fresh in the morning

10. He’s so handsome that I have nothing to say

11. His face is a mix between Minji and Hyunjin

12. He looks so good with his bare face. His skin is a work of art

13. Wow… looks like a sculpture

14. Wow, he’s so handsome, he reminds me of Im Siwan

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