RIIZE Wonbin shocks everyone with his curly blonde hair on his way to Japan

RIIZE Wonbin departs for Japan with curly blonde hair

Is he cupid?

1. I misread the title and thought it was Anton

2. Is he a doll?

3. Everything suits him. He really has the perfect face and suits every style

4. He really does a lot of different hairstyles. Every time I see him, I’m surprised

5. I thought it was Anton

6. He looks like a doll

7. I just found out recently, but this guy was really born to become a celebrity ㅠㅠㅠ

8. Wow his aura is crazy

9. It’s interesting just looking at his face. He’s so pretty and handsome

10. I’m curious why he doesn’t have short hair

11. It seems like he was born to become an idol. His facial expressions and mood change depending on the concept

12. A handsome guy will look good no matter what he does

13. His face is really pretty no matter what he does

14. He looks like actor Sung Hoon from ‘I Live Alone’

15. I want to live with this face

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