RIIZE Wonbin stuns netizens with his new pictures on Instagram

RIIZE Wonbin’s Instagram

1. Wow, he’s really handsome

2. I thought it was Lucas

3. His lips are really pretty

4. He’s so handsome, his aura is crazy

5. His facial features are crazy

6. I think Wonbin is handsome in all the pictures, but these pictures are f*cking handsome

7. His face is the prettiest

8. I envy that aura

9. Park Wonbin’s face is the prettiest

10. I’m looking forward to the next comeback

11. He is the best. His face is unique and he has all the charms and vibes

12. His face is amazing

13. Wow.. He’s so pretty, handsome and crazy

14. As soon as I saw him, I smiled. He’s super handsome

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