RIIZE Wonbin’s fan account was closed today

RIIZE Wonbin’s fan account was closed today

The fan account has been posting every day for up to 48 days, in hopes that Wonbin would finally tie his hair

This morning he posted his ponytail on Weverse

1. This is so funny

2. The fans are really lovely ㅠㅠ

3. I wondered why it was closed, but the reason was funny

4. This is my first time seeing Wonbin tie his hair, isn’t it beautiful? Why didn’t he think of it sooner?

5. If you work hard it will come true. Congratulations!!

6. Meanwhile, Wonbin is so pretty

7. That fan’s wish came true

8. Wonbin is handsome and his fans are also cute

9. Wonbin, have you never tied your hair? This is your first time?

10. Congratulations on your success

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