RIIZE’s song ‘Siren’ is out

RIIZE’s song ‘Siren’ is out

1. The more I listen to the song, the better it gets. After watching the stage I was even more excited

2. Even the full version is less than 3 minutes. Songs these days are really short

3. Wonbin’s voice suits this song so well

4. I love it so much ㅠㅠ

5. Most of RIIZE’s songs aren’t my style, but Siren is really good

6. If this song lasts more than 3 minutes, they will fall off the stage

7. Please give me a performance video

8. Shotaro’s part was also better than I thought

9. Wow it was better than expected

10. Eunseok’s part is so crazy

11. It would be good to listen to it while exercising

12. Wonbin’s part is addictive

13. Sohee’s voice is so good, he sings so well

14. Did they change the lyrics?

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