Rookie idol boy group’s visuals are causing controversy right now

Brave Girls’ hoobae boy group DKB

[+750, -86]

1. [+565, -14] Are they really a talented male idol group?

2. [+488, -51] Let’s make a law that says that if you’re ugly, then you can’t be an idol

3. [+462, -19] To be honest, don’t the ones on the far left in the middle and last rows have faces that are uglier than the commoners?

4. [+302, -2] I can look over everyone else but what’s up with the 1st and 2nd guy from the last row?

5. [+254, -175] It’s not that they’re especially ugly, they’re just average of current male idols.. Except for one or two members of the group, the rest of the members all look like this

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