Rosé, why did you do this?

Just why?

[+310, -260]

1. [+293, -53] The designer next to her is gay, married and has children;

2. [+216, -11] There were so many pictures of designer Anthony like that at the Saint Laurent event, it was just a way of saying hello

3. [+97, -166] What if Sana, Sullyoon and Jang Wonyoung did that to the male manager?

4. [+77, -7] Rosé was born in New Zealand and lived most of her life in Australia. Foreigners kiss each other on the cheek as a way of saying hello, why are you guys criticizing her?

5. [+47, -3] You guys are crazy, you should go abroad for a while.. You will know how Korean culture is different from foreign culture. Are you forcing her to do things that fit your own standards?

6. [+29, -55] Why did she do it;;

7. [+28, -0] That’s normal, so I really don’t think at all. Moreover, that designer is gay

8. [+26, -3] You guys are really conservativeㅋㅋㅋ

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