Ryu Jun Yeol’s side confirmed that he broke up with Han So Hee

Ryu Jun Yeol’s side said: “It is true that he broke up with Han So Hee” after a stormy relationship that lasted two weeks [Official statement]

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol’s side admitted that he broke up with Han So Hee

Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency, C-JeS Studio, announced on Sports Today on the 30th, “It is true that he and Han So Hee broke up.”

1. Legendary

2. Oh my god… I feel sorry for all three of them but in the end I feel sad because Han So Hee was the one who was hurt the most and her image was ruined… Ah Sohee unnieㅠㅠㅠ

3. Really….? When I saw their responses, I thought it was a love that would last…

4. The relationship ended after less than 3 months and was problematic in many ways

5. It’s a drama…

6. Wow legendary

7. Finally they broke up

8. Crazy, Han So Hee lost her career and was abandoned for a man

9. That meme looks like Ryu Jun Yeol’s feelings

10. I guess he was shocked when he saw what she posted yesterday…

11. Legendary, wow, this is the best thing ever. Irresponsible

12. Wow, he’s so irresponsible

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