Seo Ye Ji got into conflict with her neighbors over parking matters

Seo Ye Ji, conflict with neighbors over parking matters.. “She apologized and resolved”

Seo Ye Ji’s parents placed dog gates around a stairwell used by all residents of the villa, which created conflict with the other neighbors

Every time Seo Ye Ji visits her parents’ home, she parks her vehicle however she wants in front of other peoples’ cars so that they can’t get out. This continued on for 4 years

1. Well, she learned a lot from her parents

2. After all, children are the reflection of their parents, weird kids always have weird parents

3. Her family is so selfish

4. Why do they live in an apartment complex when they want to do what they want? Her parents and she are selfish

5. I don’t want to see her anymore

6. From the beginning, her parents raised her like that

7. I don’t want to see her on TV

8. Please use another actress, there are many actresses who are good and talented

9. Well, her bad personality is from her parents

10. I thought she was good at acting, but I guess it’s her personality

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