Seoul Music Awards makes people wonder who will win Daesang this year

Seoul Music Awards Daesang lineup

The top candidates for this year’s Daesang are BTS, IVE, and Lim Young Woong

1. Daesang in 2021 was ridiculous…

2. I think it will be SM idols, but everyone has the same opinion

3. SM will get itㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. I think it’s NCT Dream, they’re from SMㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Maybe it’s NCT Dream, SM will give it to them

6. Last year, NCT’s song that I’ve never heard but won Daesang

7. Looking at the candidate lineup, I think it could be Lim Young Woong this year

8. It was NCT 127 last year, so this year it will be NCT Dream

9. The only award ceremony that didn’t give Daesang to Big Bang in 2015ㅋㅋ

10. I’m a muggle, but I haven’t listened to the Daesang song in 2021.. Sticker?

11. NCT Stickers? I have never heard of it

12. Isn’t it SM’s award ceremony?

13. NCT will get itㅋㅋ

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NCT for sure


Its called SMa for a reason. SM will buy awards again this year


SMA = Seoul Music Awards ❌
SMA = Soo Man Awards ✅

Congrats to NCT ig lol


We, NCT Dream Fan didn’t vote and not support that award. But NCT Dream will attend SMA because of SM and Dream does not have no choice about schedule. If Dream win small to big thing please don’t hate them because they as artists did not know anything..
Please don’t hate NCT Dream and we just support our group.


Ppl can’t help hating on whoever win with money even if the artists themselves are not the ones paying. If ppl don’t get loud about it then the cycle repeats, if ppl hate on sm the cycle still repeats. Sm will only stop if they affect their money coming. So hating on the artists actually have more chances for sm to stop. I’m in no way encouraging or agreeing that ppl hate on them but i understand


yeah it was like that too when twice won song of the year at mama in 2017 & 2018 because there were bigger hits than their song at that time. they really got a lot of hate back then

guest who

Funny, last year even NCT Dream has better stats than NCT 127 but ig Dream is not SM’s favorite.


yeah, it was really upsetting because nct dream actually deserved to win the bonsang (stray kids and txt too) but they didn’t get it

I guess SM gave them the daesang at different award show as their apology to them 😬 not even fans saw it coming


Because last year only Bongsang winners can be nominated for Daesang, so SM want to give Daesang to Nct127 so they rigged. Last year, nctdream did not really get what they deserved at least a bongsang.

WhatsThe Point

The way they split the award in 2019 to physical and digital and gave digital to some sm soloist when BTS was literally dominating both physical and digital with fcking Boy With Luv


Dreamzens really hate SMA. We didn’t even vote. If NCT Dream really won a daesang, then pretty sure it is rigged to give it to SM idol.


If you attend the show, you’ll get an award.


It’s funny how SM stans dragging ive because of kakao while SM has been buying daesangs they don’t deserve, when it comes to sm they can do whatever they want I guess


sm rigged the way lol


It should go to Lim Young Woong or BTS for sure. If any girl group: IVE.

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WayV will get it this year

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