Seriously, what did Sullyoon do?

She has a pretty face, but she’s tall and she even served as the student council president when she was young, and she’s kind, she debuted under a big agency… I thought life was fair if she sang badly or danced badly, but she sings and dances well. What the hell? I love her so much

[+512, -137]

1. [+206, -18] It’s amazing that she sings well with that visual

2. [+194, -52] This is my subjective opinion, but I think she is the prettiest among female idols of all time

3. [+122, -19] Our Yoona ㅠ

4. [+99, -150] It’s not like she’s popular because of her skills or talents. JYP fans should stop writing posts praising her visuals. There are many female idols who are prettier than her

5. [+73, -6] She even has natural beauty.. This is my first time seeing a perfect girl even with past photos and graduation photos

6. [+59, -1] Even her name is Seol Yoona

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