Seventeen was praised for their skills with ‘Maestro’ encore fancam on Music Bank today

Seventeen ‘Maestro’ encore fancam on Music Bank today

1. Daebak.. That was one of the best encores by famous male idols I’ve seen recently…

2. SEVENTEEN is the best~ Daebak~ SEVENTEEN is the best, they always do better, and even after 10 years, they are still hardworking, humble, and kind to their fans~

3. They did well, but why is the sound so loud? Is Music Bank always like this?

4. Dokyeom, you really are a great singer

5. They performed live well

6. As expected, they are so good

7. Their live singing skills are crazy. This is a video that makes me want to go to Seventeen’s concert

8. As expected from Seventeen

9. Dokyeom’s live performance is crazy. I think he sings well but he dances well too

10. As expected, I trust and listen to Seventeen

11. Seungkwan and Dokyeom are so good

12. All members are good, right?? Whenever I see Vernon, he always does so well

13. No, I can’t hear their voice because of the sound. Is this why they use headphones?

14. What is Dokyeom? His voice is crazy and his dancing is crazy too

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