Seventeen’s Mingyu and NewJeans were selected as Calvin Klein models

Calvin Klein’s new model lineup… Seventeen Mingyu and NewJeans are selected

Famous girl group NewJeans and Seventeen Mingyu have become Calvin Klein models

1. Wow, congratulations to Mingyu

2. Mingyu suits Calvin Klein so well

3. NewJeans seems to have a new ad every three days

4. Wow Mingyu suits Calvin Klein perfectly

5. Seriously, the whole world is NewJeans

6. Is it different from what Jennie, Jungkook, Kazuha and Son Heung Min do? I wonder if Calvin Klein differentiates between models and ambassadors

7. Hul Mingyu!!!!

8. NewJeans is amazing!!!!!

9. Calvin really likes hot guys

10. Mingyu is perfect for Calvin

11. Congratulations to our Mingu

12. How many ads does NewJeans have? They are daebak

13. Mingyu suits Calvin Klein so well. I’m waiting for his photos

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