She’s prettier than a Barbie doll, Yuna’s body is amazing

Yuna’s body is amazing


1. It’s a real Barbie doll

2. No, even her face is crazy

3. ‘God’ Yuna

4. Wow, is it possible to have a body like that?

5. No, if you make a mannequin like that, you will be criticized

6. Even her face is small and pretty

7. If I were her, I would take an hour to shower, I would spend 50 minutes admiring my body….

8. Her waistline is really… crazy

9. I’m really surprised every time I see her body

10. She’s just a Barbie doll

11. Wow, this is crazy, how can a Barbie doll exist? No, she’s prettier than a Barbie doll

12. Wow, that’s the type of body you only see on Instagram…

13. She really looks like a celebrity (even though she’s already a celebrity)

14. Every time I see her, I’m really jealous ㅠㅠ

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