She’s sniping at YG? Jennie’s lyrics in the new song confuse netizens

Jennie “They didn’t plan for women to woman up”

Jennie and BeatsByDre’s collaborative ad was released yesterday

“Future was written”

Jennie’s rap part was revealed

A longer version of the ad was also released

“Taken for granted, taken as hostage
Carried the baggage, carried the past us
As luck would have it, future was written
They didn’t plan for women to woman up

They didn’t plan it but we came out of history like fuck it
They didn’t want it but we came out of history like justice”

Many people explain that the lyrics express pride in BLACKPINK’s success as female artists

There seem to be so many different explanations, she is sniping at everyone who doesn’t want women to succeed and gets in their way?

1. I really like this message from a successful woman

2. I really got goosebumps when I saw the lyrics, she’s so cool

3. But aren’t there many female artists doing well?? Are there any stories about BLACKPINK that I don’t know??

-> She’s not talking about BLACKPINK, she’s talking about women themselves

4. I wish more successful women would say things like this

5. People are saying that she is sniping at YG but I guess that’s not true

6. It seems like the lyrics are criticizing YG

7. Jennie raps so well

8. These are great lyrics from a successful woman

9. I love the song so much

10. I hope Jennie’s album will be released soon ㅜㅜ

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