“She’s taking a jab at Jungkook” Azealia Banks looks down on K-pop artists

Azealia Banks looks down on K-pop artists

(She’s a rapper)

There are a lot of people thinking that she’s taking a jab at BTS Jungkook

1. So who is she?

2. She’s so stupid~

3. I guess she wants to be famous by taking a jab a celebrities ㅜㅜ I feel sorry for her

4. I don’t even want to know who she is

5. I guess she needs attention

6. Nugu???

7. Is it noisy marketing?

8. I searched her on Instagram and it seems like she’s not famous;

9. I don’t know who she is, it seems like she’s the one making her name known this way

10. She’s nothing more than an attention seeker

11. Just go to the mental hospital

12. Who..?

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