SHINee’s Key dances to NewJeans ‘OMG’

1. Wow, I guess he can memorize everything just by looking at it, he’s amazing

2. He dances so wellㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. It’s amazing how he can dance so well without practice

4. The ending expression is crazy

5. I didn’t know he danced so well, but if you think about it, SHINee has a lot of great dance moves

6. Really good, I want to see NewJeans come out and dance together

7. I didn’t think Key was a good dancer, but every time I see him, I feel that he is both warm and cool, it seems his destiny is to become an idol

8. He’s tall, but he really suits NewJeans’ dance

9. It’s amazing how well he memorizes it, but the choreography itself is neat and smooth, so it’s even more interesting

10. As expected… He danced well and absorbed it perfectly in his own style

11. I think he suits the NewJeans’ dance

12. Wow, he dances so well

13. Key’s dance is so interesting

14. He dances well, he’s amazing

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two things every korean variety show has: 1. fat old men, 2. cringe moments


You must be so miserable in your life


pretty sure I’ve seen him dance to other newjeans songs, too.. he seems to really like their songs.. I hope they can have an interaction somehow.. ☺️


Key is lead dancer in SHINee not to mention he’s been on a couple of variety shows and been known to memorize dance moves incredibly fast and execute them well.


He loves dancing to girl groups songs. He’s so cute.

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