“Shocking” IVE’s lip-syncing controversy has finally exploded into TV news

IVE’s lip-syncing controversy has finally exploded into TV news

1. Seriously, why did they plan this performance?

2. Seriously, why did they do that stage?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. I wondered if it would make the news, and I also wondered why they lip-synced the ballad…

4. What did they do while other idol singers tried to sing live well and tried to break idol stereotypes?ㅋㅋ

5. Shameless, how can they call themselves singers?

6. No, but will this be on the news..?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Are they singers?

8. Who really planned that stage?… This group is doing so well… I don’t get itㅋㅋㅋ

9. So why did they lip sync?

10. I’m not defending IVE, but should this be on the news?

11. Are they singers? If they are sincere in singing, they should improve their skills by practicing

12. There’s a lot of news, but something like this…

13. It’s K-pop seen all over the world, isn’t it embarrassing?

14. Please improve your skills… If you have skills, it won’t be like this

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It’s getting out of hand
Are we seeing IVE downfall? YG probably
use all their media play technique to drag ive before baby monster debute


Crazy how you blame YG for everything lol. YG didn’t ask them to perform and lip sync


No fr, wtf was Starship thinking? They know all eyes are on IVE and they okayed the girls sitting down lip syncing to an old recording, not even a new one… They should have seen the criticism from a mile away. Tsk.


yg is known for media playing their groups while dragging their rivals so it wouldn’t be surprising. they are not afraid of playing dirty. not to mention kakao did the same thing to 4th gen groups who are ive’s rivals, so these companies won’t sit still and not fight back.
you are right, yg didn’t ask them to do all of it. it’s starship greediness to push wonyoung everywhere like companies did suzy and seolhyun + they obviously want leeseo to follow wonyoung’s path. they give the most lines to these two who can’t sing, setting them up for failure. it will be hilarious to watch when they start doing concerts. they have no one to blame but themselves.


If that’s the case then, YG should have done it to NEWJEANS instead of IVE cause NJ is the most beloved 4th gen group right now.


maybe companies did try with newjeans using mhj, who knows. plus they debuted recently while ive has 4 years of izone + 1 year of their own debut and they had better results at home and internationally (till nj) than others so quickly. also yg does business with hybe, so maybe they toned it down..for now?

also ive has 3 hits, daesang and wonyoung as the it girl of the 4th gen. it definitely won’t got unnoticed. kakao had no problem targetting other groups who are less popular, so i don’t think ive will be left alone. pretty much everyone who is popular and is seen as a rival gets that treatment


& nj debut was sudden.there was no pre info for pl to already start their conversations about them.they literally exploded in the span of an eye & now that ppl have valid criticism toward them,other ppl defend them to death cause they got big before their errors get big.it will take some time for them.i guess this year is their year.it’s possible they get SOTY.then ppl will start seeing things they’re turning a blind eye on now.


I think there’s also smear attempts (not saying it’s YG) aimed at Newjeans thru Min Hee Jin mostly but it doesn’t really affect the girls. Same here for IVE, they’re getting criticism now but honestly, I don’t think it’ll have much of an effect as long as the next comeback is good.


you’re right about YG but wasn’t kakao exposed for the same thing?atp all of these companies are the same


Kakao exposed for copyright international kpopers just made it up


Kakao thing is wrong tho international kpopers made it up. The real issu is the copy right things with facebook page not spreading misinformation. And that page even shit on ive non stop


if it was made up, koreans themselves wouldn’t be talking about it not to mention make it into national news
how tf would international fans make it up? and viral marketing includes negative stuff. bad pr is still pr and makes people talk about wonyoung. it did work since so many people including international fans feel protective over her


Korean and national tv were talking about copyright issues not spreading misinformation about idols did u even read the korean articles???? International fans on twitter who made it aboutive and about other idols


korean netizens discussed it, there are articles about it and they literally mention, you think they don’t know their own language??? bye won’t discuss further with you. why would news even mention them trashing other groups out of nothing, do you even realize how dumb you sound???


YG and Blackpink live in Kpopies’ mind 24/7.


More like KAKAO’s mediaplay. For Kakao, bad publicity is still publicity.


Yeah for companies bad publicity is still publicity bht that sucks for the idols ngl. Hope the girls have a great mental health.


Ypu are delusional of you think ive now need bad publicity in korea . They are already soo famous and loved they trend on pan “positively” evryfay why would they ruin their reputation


Ive downfail? More like ive are getting big big cause why they are on tv news when everyone and their mamas are lipsyncing? And btw le sserafim did the same they did lipsync while sitting but literally no one gaf.

You need to be relevant enough to be on tv news even with ur silly cover. And btw ive did record 4 stages that day one of them was live “it went viral also on korean side cause they change the lyrics” and the others weren’t live and they had a flight to japan at the same day


But how lipsyncing is news worthy tho? If ppl are tearing someone apart for this, there are also so many instances other ppl have lipsynced too why not being them on the front desk too?
I think ppl are just being a little too much hateful to this ggp atp. Like I can not even count how many grps have lipsynced in their stages. Their only mistake was they decided to do it while sitting. Which is not right but what ppl are doing to them can really make them scared. I am saying this cause I have seen my idols going through something very similar.


I think that sitting part is the big reason, although I don’t think it should be on the news. Because they’re singers. When they have choreographies i guess it’s still excusable bc singing while dancing is difficult even if they sing well. But just sitting down and lipsync is just disrespectful to fans who want to watch them sing i guess. It’s not like it’s a crime or something but ppl don’t respect them as singers if you know what i mean


There is a tons of groups who did it while sitting btw


Lsf did lipsync while sitting you guys don’t know? Or you just care about ive


I think multiple factors play into it. Even if IVE are rookies their brand recognition is pretty big in Korea. For a group to be that well recognized and be lipsyncing just means that much more attention to it. The group is also known to have easy dances compared to other groups so if you’re already recognized for having “easy” dances and now you’re lipsyncing while sitting down? and finally i think the whole thing blew up in the first place because starship reused an audio from their content that already got criticized for being bad. it was a special stage and cover song. You were expected to bring something new not something old let alone a bad cover to it.


Not defending ive but i thought we all know already tons of groups lipsynching. SM especially biggest culprit for this. So, i dont get why only ive got called out now.


I think maybe because they were sitting down..? But yeah, kinda strange that this made it to KBS, that’s really big.


There is a tons of idols who lipsync while sitting down the video on youtube


Bc they’re sitting down. Lipsync with choreos are difficult even for great singers but if you not moving at all there’s just no excuse to not sing. Like you’re a singer but won’t sing… Zero pride as a singer…


Okay there is still alot of group who lipsync while sitting down and lsf are on of them?


Only Ive got called out? Are you serious? Aespa got dragged through the mud right from their debut era.

Shu Yan

Yes, but aespa had never did lip syncing while sitting

Shu Yan

SM groups never sit and lip sync.


I mean, I know the controversy was huge when I saw that the performance video racked up 23k dislikes vs. 6k likes. Even Garam videos still has more likes than dislikes 😭.

However, I never expected it to blow up to the point that it made it to KBS News, literally one of the biggest, if not the biggest, national television news channel. Starship is quite dumb to allow this performance tbh.


Not really follows them. But what performance that people make a fuss rn?

Control panel

Seems like kakao can’t controlled the media anymore 😭


Kakao can’t control the media since the beginning


This is the risk for an idol when you get immediate success in your first year as an idol tbh. People will be wondering if the success you got is on par with your talents that you showcase hence I am kinda scared for the other upcoming ggs like Newjeans for example since they’re still young.


Not only her face is fake and cringe..now her singing is fake too..idk why this girl is ever considered as 4th gen “it” girl


Only wonyoung became on tv national whenever she did something she is THAT relevant cry about it


it’s because koreans also worship her body(super skinny) and its good proportions(super tall). go to any translated article about her like from airport fashion, they will always mention her good proportions. had she had irene’s body, it would have been different.

look at giselle, although she may not be a good dancer, she can sing. but since she doesn’t have karina or winter visuals, she gets dragged for anything. not just by koreans, but international fans too. meanwhile visuals of other groups can’t sing and can’t dance, but since their beauty is their saving grace, they don’t get hated as much as she does.

many mention how had that ex stray kids member been handsome, the fans would be protective over him the way they do with hyunjin. but since he’s not, he still gets dragged even though apparently he was proven to be innocent.


This is the reason why NEWJEANS is the best 4th Gen Girl group. IVE cant even sing a simple song LIVE LOOOOL


As if newjeans are singing live🤣🤣


They can’t sing, obviously. Who would lipsync while sitting…. such scam-dols


They = all 4th gen groups 🤣

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