[Shocking] Jay Park has joined O*lyFans

Jay Park has joined OnlyFans

It was said that it was to promote the album

1. Is this women’s underwear? What the hell? What kind of concept is this?

2. Jay Park, you don’t need to promote it like this

3. Why did he do this promotion…?

4. Does he know what OnlyFans is…? Daebak

5. ? Is this women’s underwear? I’m not mistaken, right?

6. ???? Why is there a bra in the second photo..?

7. No, promoting the album through OnlyFans… It’s quite rare even in the US;

8. The American sensibility is always difficult to understand,,,,,

9. His fans like that kind of stuff????

10. Isn’t it illegal in Korea??

11. I’m surprised that he tried to use something like this for promotion. I’m so disappointed

12. I had the same feeling when I heard that Lisa appeared on Crazy Horse

13. What the hell is he doing?

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