Shocking proportions of BTS Jin departing for Paris to attend the torch relay

BTS Jin departs for Paris for the torch relay

1. He is innocent and handsome. His proportions in the last photo are crazy

2. His head is so small and his shoulders are so wide

3. His face is still the same as when he just debuted, he hasn’t aged at all. Among the BTS members, his face hasn’t changed at all to the point of being scary. ​And I think his proportions are so good, not only among BTS but also among celebrities, right? What is the secret to not aging?

4. Wow, look at his shoulders, his proportions are crazy

5. His proportions are crazy and his face is so youthful and handsome

6. He is a powerful celebrity

7. What’s happening to his shoulder? That’s the Pacific Ocean

8. His body proportions are really good. Jin can become a model

9. His proportions are amazing

10. Every time I see him, I’m surprised because he’s so handsome

11. Wow, look at his shoulders, he’s so cool

12. Wow, his shoulders… his physique is really crazy, he looks like a model

13. White really suits him

14. His body proportions are daebak

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