Shocking that 5 idol groups who didn’t receive the Rookie award at MAMA

SNSD (2007)

EXO (2012)

BTS (2013)


NewJeans (2022)

1. I’m not surprised, I understand why…

2. 2007 SNSD -> Wonder Girls, 2012 EXO -> Busker Busker, 2013 BTS -> Roy Kim, 2016 BLACKPINK -> I.O.I , 2022 NewJeans -> IVE

3. I don’t know about other groups, but for SNSD and NewJeans, the Rookie Award was given to deserving groups

4. SNSD, EXO, and BTS didn’t hit the mark as soon as they debuted, it’s true that they had quite a few antis as soon as they debuted

5. They all became top groups

6. Wow but the lineup is crazy

7. They are all top idols representing their generation

8. When I see the winners, I understand

9. Wow, looking at the lineup, I think NewJeans will do even better!!

10. They are all legends

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I’d add nmixx here. They’ll hit big in few years

Bring back discuss

Nmixx not receiving the award isnt shocking though… their music objectively sucks, they only have fans because they’re a big3 gg


Their music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if you look at the girlgroup stans, most of them are casual Listeners, some of them are popular because of their seniors from the same company or token stans. But nmixx fandom is slowly growing. And after 2-3 years they’ll be like straykids. Nmixx is the best rookie among the ones who debuted last year(in terms of talent). So if the trend wave dies, we can see who truly are the best group out there.


And I’m not talking about Nmixx not receiving awards now. No even talked about BTS when they debuted, they all called their music sucks and they’re boring. But look at them now, with their talents, they become no.1 group in the world. Nmixx has it all. Their music is good too(if you hear them with no prejudice) their song cool is even better than some group’s title track. It will need some time. But surely steadily they’ll become one of the top groups of 4th gen


Nobody said that. Y’all keep changing the narrative for BTS.

The most BTS got critiqued for was their name which Koreans found to be a little humourous, imagine calling BTS boring, nobody called them boring, go watch their rookie performances and you’ll see how good it was. No More Dream was a good song with good lyrics that aptly critiqued Korean education system while O.O is pretty random sonically and lyrically. BTS had the disadvantage of being from a small company with no known seniors or much funds. It’s honestly pretty weird for you to compare them. Not every unpopular group at debut is like BTS or will be like BTS.

Comparing NMIXX to BTS is honestly not it especially since NMIXX is a big company group. You’re better off comparing NMIXX to NCT.

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I compare nmixx and BTS with their talent. Not from big or small company or how worse their debut song is or anything. Don’t guess my narrative and manipulate this. I’ve been a fan of BTS since 2015 and some of my army friends who stanned them since 2013 told many things. BTS debut wasn’t that welcomed. And many ppl did say that their music sucks and they even criticized for their makeup and all.


Once BTS made hit Song, all the music critics claimed that their songs or good. But no one said before that. During their debut


Once again I need yall to stop lying. Go compare BTS lyrics and production to NMIXX’s. It is insane that you guys keep comparing every non-successful group at debut with BTS when BTS had a near sweep for ROTY at every award show except Mama.

BTS might’ve gotten dragged for their appearances, name and being broke but their music was rarely something they got dragged over. They did better digitally with each release.

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Rathinda Amor

BTS get all the rookie award that year except for mama. so nope they are not the same

Bring back discuss

BTS received rookie awards at all the other award shows EXCEPT mama, what are you even saying.

I was actually anticipating nmixx because their pre debut teasers were good but their music is horrid. They have great vocalists but their music is honestly unpleasant to listen to.

Talent means nothing if the music isnt good period


Lmao see the downvotes. Definitely nmixx gonna hit big and y’all suck your own dick. Now go and ass lick your company group.


Man stfu, no one even dragged the girls but you keep making them sound to be this indie/small company group like in your other comment, you put down other ggs but didn’t even acknowledge how NMIXX are a freaking JYP group with seniors like Twice, Itzy, Wonder Girls, Miss A, 2AM, 2PM, GOT7, SKZ and Day6. Most of their seniors were top groups and their company is known for producing big name idols.

At least with Aespa, Lesserafim, I’ve, Newjeans and even Itzy, people acknowledge that they’re in a position of privilege. Their stans don’t hide it and acknowledge it yet here you are trying your best to get NMIXX dragged.

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Nmixx sucks. They all ugly and have bad music


damn what’s with the downvotes ?

WhatsThe Point

If only BTS had roty on mama, they’d have all kill


Who win that time? I know that year doesnt really has popular big3 group idols debuting.


Roy Kim


I will not immediately add new jeans with those super names in the industry. They all built their own name and brand. Lot of knetz says that new jeans is here in this position only because they are min heejin group. Which is correct and thanks to hybe their fandom is full of hybe stans token stanning them. Let’s see what the future hold for newjeans.


EXO and BP was born with huge privileged like NewJeans, thanx to SM and YG stan.
Lot of knetz = bitter kpop stan.


Yg debuted bp and let them in the dungeon, barely promoting them or send them to music and awards show so yeah dont categorize them the same as NJ


Some BP members literally had like a good start before debuting like YG putting Jisoo in cfs and mvs , Jennie in a song with GD, they barely get promoted like other idols from other companies because that’s how YG has always been doing like that’s their trademark.

No I don’t hate BP before you start twisting my words calling me a hater πŸ‘€


true, i feel that most “success” of new jeans is thanks to heejin connections and hybe payola. so far they haven’t shown to have core fandom but a lot of casual listeners


Tbf SNSD and Wonder Girls were both neck and neck back then but WG had a head start with Tell Me blowing up and BTS did almost a rookie sweep but it was all good since they bagged the ROTY at other award shows


Seeing how successful these groups are, the new goal to be unlocked should be not winning ROTY at MAMA lol


3. I don’t know about other groups, but for SNSD and NewJeans, the Rookie Award was given to deserving groups


Bangtan did not take the award in the MAMAs but he did in MMAs. They received a lot of hate in the debut and since they were from a small company and little known at the time, the MAMAs did not want to award them. But the years have put them in their rightful place.


I still remember that BAP won many awards for rookie boygroup. They were second in MAMA 2012, at the started they released more songs than EXO, their rap and vocal lines are good, but then EXO hit big with Growl in 2013, continuing their “Wolf” story.


2. 2007 SNSD -> Wonder Girls, 2012 EXO -> Busker Busker, 2013 BTS -> Roy Kim, 2016 BLACKPINK -> I.O.I , 2022 NewJeans -> IVE

the winner makes a lot of sense

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