Since when did BTS become the most popular K-pop group in the US?

How did BTS become so successful in the US?

Just in terms of the situation (small and medium companies), BTS has the most difficult conditions to be famous in the US

1. When it comes to BTS’s overseas popularity, it’s Dope – Fire, I think these songs helped BTS to be popular overseas. I think a lot of people mentioned music videos, dance videos and stage videos at that time

2. From what I remember, I think they started getting good reactions when they covered ‘Perfect Man’!!

3. There have been many foreign fans since the early days of BTS. I also first learned about BTS because a foreign friend told me about BTS when I lived abroad

4. I think they exploded during ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ and ‘DNA’ era

5. They entered the Billboard 200 in 2015

6. It was Dope, there were a lot of videos of foreigners reacting to it, and the choreography was crazy? I remember there were a lot of videos uploaded in English about this and the reactions were slowly increasing

7. Before that, they were popular, but they exploded with Dope and DNA

8. Although I’m not a fan, here’s what I know when I see this postㅋㅋㅋ Dope got good reactions, and they exploded with DNA, so they were the one top from then on

9. As early as 2014, they got good reactions with their performance at LA KCON, reporters even mentioned this.. Looks like they’ve started to explode on YouTube

10. When they released Dope, the reactions were really good

11. In the eyes of the fans of other groups, they exploded in 2016-2017

12. They exploded with Dope

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They were already pretty well-known since 2015 but by 2017, it’s set in stone that BTS was the group with the most fans in the US. Hardly anyone, except delusional kpoppies, argue that fact at the time. Even kpop subreddits with mostly SM stans back then have a hard time denying it.


I was coming to say exactly this, thank you. 

Michelle LOURA

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I think wings was the breakout to mainstream western attention


I’m told they were already relatively popular among the US kpop crowd to get invited to 2014 KCON and among the top grps between 2015-16. I only get into them near the end of 2016 and wasn’t into kpop, so I’m just going off info from others with this.

But for my experience, I’d say the the first clear events that we have actual results to show them as “the most popular kpop grp in the US” would’ve been around 2017-18, with their first BBMA win and their DNA cb stage, esp with the reaction they got from the gp. It was the first time I’d seen smt so clearly defining to show a grp’s popularity go far beyond what I’d seen stemming from the kpop community.


The western fans start growing in 2014 but 2017 they just became mainstream like everyone knows who they are even if they don’t like kpop unless they live in a cave


Their worldwide popularity totally exploding since bbma 2017.


youtube was pivotal in getting bts exposure… among kpop fans they were well known from debut and got even bigger with each comeback. the tsa in 2017 and dynamite in 2020 were two of the biggest tipping points for exposure to the general public i think.

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In 2014
Their music was charting on Billboard digital sales since debut


“Perfect men” cover? Koreans are so delusional who would care in the US about a cover of a group they have never even heard of, DNA was the song to blow them up, even though they were getting more popular after Dope and Fire, but 2017 BTS was iconic

WhatsThe Point

U can’t really name one era of BTS where they blew up. They have been consistent with their success, each of their title tracks is a hit😭


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