Singers who are the identities of the 4 big entertainment companies (HYBE, SM, YG, JYP)

If you ask me to name a singer that comes to mind when I think of that company, the first thing that comes to mind


2. SM

3. YG

4. JYP

1. BTS, Soshi, Big Bang, 2PM???

2. I agree

3. For SM, isn’t it Taeyeon?

4. BTS, EXO, Big Bang, Park Jin Young

5. SM reminds me of Soshi more than BoA

6. BTS, TVXQ, Big Bang, Wonder Girls

7. SM reminds me of Soshi

8. But I think TVXQ or EXO would be more suitable for SM than BoA

9. BTS, EXO, Big Bang, TWICE

10. I thought it was BTS, BoA, Big Bang and Rain

11. SM reminds me of EXO

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