Stray Kids Felix fans are buying too many bot followers

Stray Kids Felix opened his account on August 2nd 2023 showing good results by becoming the fastest 4th gen idol to reach 1m followers.

However, it seems after he failed to be the fastest to reach 2m, his Chinese fans began mass buying bots to make sure he holds all the records.

At first, the bots were still somewhat realistic, but now it’s turned into a joke with Felix fans buying almost up to 300k followers DAILY for almost a month now.

If you check his followers any time of the day, you will only see bots. The botting can also be made more obvious when you compare his interactions with other idols of similar following. Notably aespa Karina, who is the second highest gaining 4th gen idol monthly, receives almost 4-5M likes every post while Felix struggles to go past the same 3M.

Felix also does not have a single post with 5M likes while Karina, IVE Wonyoung and TXT Yeonjun have all earned at least 2-3 posts with that many likes.

Will this intense botting ever stop? or will they keep going until he surpasses BTS members??? Instagram must take action, we should all report his account.

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