SM apologizes for NCT’s Haechan smoking indoors

NCT Haechan admits and apologizes for smoking indoors… “We will pay the fine”

SM, “After the release of NCT 127’s latest behind the scenes practice video content on January 10, we confirmed that Haechan was seen smoking an e-cigarette indoors. Today, we received notice of a penalty charged for this violation of smoking laws from the local health center, and so we intend on paying the fine.”

1. No, there were a lot of people there and there were cameras, so what was he thinking…?

2. It seems like a lot of celebrities smoke indoors

4. I saw a comment saying it was a chocolate barㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. SM bans everything but why don’t they ban smoking indoors?

6. Smoking indoors? Is he crazy?

7. Ah, the members and staff who don’t smoke must be so upset

8. I really hate smoking indoors;;

9. Where did the chocolate bar go…?

10. Stop smoking indoors

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