SM CEO Lee Sung Soo just made a video about the greatest statement of all time (shock alert)

SM CEO Lee Sung Soo just made a video about the greatest statement of all time……. (shock alert)

Lee Sung Soo is Lee Soo Man’s nephew

HYBE said that Lee Soo Man can only produce overseas -> He can produce albums in Japanese, American, Chinese, etc. for all SM singers, not just WayV, SuperM and Aespa

1. I was really shocked when I watched this video

2. But why did Lee Soo Man sell his shares to HYBE at a low price? Everything has a reason. Honestly, not being involved in songwriting in Korea for 3 years is just a play on words

3. Seriously.. I really hate HYBE, I hate Lee Soo Man too

4. I’m worried about all SM idols, including my idols

5. The reason why Aespa’s comeback was delayed has finally been revealed. I feel bad for these girls

6. Lee Soo Man is weirder and scarier than I thought…. HYBE.. Please sell your shares

7. If you want to get rid of Lee Soo Man, you also have to get rid of HYBE

8. I wouldn’t say HYBE is better now

9. I’m waiting for a statement from HYBE

10. This is why SM employees are against HYBE taking over SM

11. Lee Soo Man’s greed gave me goosebumps

12. For Lee Soo Man, Aespa is not an artist, but a kind of tool to make money.. Seriously, that’s too much

13. HYBE didn’t know this…? They must have ignored all this for the sake of profit

14. Just thinking about Aespa makes me feel so bad

15. I’m not a fan of HYBE, I’m just a fan of HYBE idol groups, but this is annoying… What’s the plan this year?

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sm employees don’t want hybe because of their pride but also it’s funny wishy-washy chris lee is when he was supporting lee soman ideas & side business until he’s in the line of unemployment… why speak now? chris lee had all the time to say something about it but was mute in order to climb to the ladder to be on top

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They don’t want to hybe because they are afraid of getting fired


apparently, he’s threatening to expose a phone call with bang pd too which is illegal in kr anyway this dude is just hurting the sm artists too because people will speculate them


Come on a big corporation like these companies are not idols who have no idea what to say and what to reveal in the media. They have obviously met with lawyers and all before finalizing what needed to be out and how much consequences them and their company have to face.
Why are you guys still so amended on hybe being a saint company is totally unreal to me. I never saw any company in Korea as a saint figure. Especially if you are a big corporation then it’s pretty clear you are way far off the word saint for sure. Hybe no way has not known about lsm intentions when the news which is revealed now we’re coming out as rumors just back in 2021 before lsm put his shares on sales. Hybe obviously would have conducted an intensive background check before even planing to invest on it. They would be a fool if they didn’t do that in first place. Even small companies do that. So hybe not doing it is totally out of question.
And chris Lee is actually not in the line of unemployment. He owns shares in sm and as long as he doesn’t sell them on his own will no one can remove from sm. Even if he loses his position at being a ceo then also he will not be unemployed cause of it.
Owning a share in a company especially a booming or big one makes you a lot of company. Even 1% share means a lot.
Hope you ppl actually read some buisness articles before commenting over here.
Cause this stuff obviously is not kpop related in any way.


chris lee was there with alot of lee soman activities in the media, he knows what lee soman Is doing


Obviously and now he is playing the cards on his own favours. It’s actually a smart buisness move even if how much dvmb it may sound. As I told he is gaining the gp support rn that will make the shareholders support him more. Thus it will make hard for hybe to put any decisions on the table. Their decisions will be scraped because the sh will not support them and will see them as a threat to the company.


hybe lickers trying hard with mental gymnastics. hybe just as bad as sm.


They are fr trying so hard it’s to the point is’s freaking embarrassing. They want so badly for HYBE to be the heroes.


stfup sm asslicker


I am pretty sure if hybe knows LSM want to include casinos, they gonna not allowing it. Hybe in general atleast dont really like to do something that endanger n lose trust from fans.

Both SM n LSM are in wrong. Hybe is just same with kakao, where all they think to expand their businesses. If only, SM n LSM realized even before to do better, etc, maybe this all wont happening.

Now with SM staffs, its obvious its because its hurt their pride to be under hybe. Plus, they may fear hybe gonna fire them.


How can you be so sure of what a company would or wouldn’t approve. You only know their artists. You don’t know the company. And companies conduct an intensive background check on everything before they plan to do something. You are a fool if if you think hybe wouldn’t have done it. It’s a big corporation obviously they would have conducted it too. And getting info wasn’t hard too. You know why cause the news about these same things were published in 2021 only which was scrapped by sm entertainment and then all of a sudden lsm also put his shares on sales. There is no way hybe didn’t knew about the dudes agenda.
A company is like that. No big corporation is made out of clean and pure water. If you are a big corporation it means there are so many bacterias and viruses also existing in that water which we normal people can’t see but the company knows.
Hybe still is a fairly very new company who has become biggest in just few years but wait for a year or two more and you will hear shocking news about them too. Mark my words. Cause it’s bound to happen.
Trust the artists but never trust the company.


i mean kakao were also complicit for being willing to buy shares while hybe was on it too in 2021.. chris lee had not shown any evidence, he wanted public sympathy & sm fandoms while hoping he doesn’t get fired & the shareholder meeting coming soon. but it also shows chris was supporting lee soman ideas like people are speculating the reason why they both went to saudi arabia

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First of all many of you are speculating wrong. He can’t get fired that easily. And it’s because he also owns shares of that company. And no matter how much big share you hold in your company. The board of directors are the ones who is eventually going to appoint the CEO. Plus ceo is a bod too of any company. So even if he does gets his CEO position taken off he will still retain his bod position not until he self decides to sell his shares and retire. And let me tell you no one will give up on shares which is giving you loads of money just for owning it.
The artists are also owning lots of money cause of these stakes they buy. You should try on investing when you get your job then you will understand what i mean by it. Owning a stake is not a normal person game. Even 1% stake of a big company comes with big price tags like millions and all. Cause the return you get will be double of what you are giving.
Chris Lee seems to play a smart move that may seem dvmb to many of you until you will realise that his this statement will make gp support him. The support from gp will eventually reflect on shareholders decision. The market moves as per as gp moves in any economy. I really don’t know how this will end with either of them until hybe plans to release their statements.
I am only seeing it as a kind of learning thing. About the behaviour patterns of them and how they are going to tackle this. Yes it’s sure is internet drama but if you want to learn you will learn loads of stuffs from this too.
I genuinely care about none of them tho. Maybe only 127 but the way they were being treated by the company. That has made me not care even if sm goes bankrupt. Cause I want them out of there.


Hybe minions will soon come to bring kakao as a shield to excuse hybe


yeah lsm can produce songs outside Korea but Hybe also emphasized that lsm will not touch anything or get involved with the company’s management and artists so that means he also couldn’t produce songs for SM artists in Japan, US etc.

But lsm can work with hybe artists outside , like for example, he can produce songs for the upcoming Hybe × Geffen gg since they’re not from SM and they’re not based in SK

Correct me if I’m wrong tho


yup, but since chris lee said some serious allegations people are forgetting that. you know how koreans are, they believed a story is true with no evidence

spicy spice

it’s even weirder bc none of sm artists including the senior artists who came to defend lee sooman. just yoo youngjin who spoke abt it. even boa is silent rn.


but none of them also defend chris lee except lucas I think judging how chris posted his picture with lucas on his ig so maybe the other artists want to stay ‘neutral’.

plus I think boa being quiet rn probably because of her upcoming anniversary’s concert

spicy spice

but sm stans tend to said that sm artists loves him so much and boa was an sm director too.


Lucas’ incident happened a few days before this SM thing exploded. The fandom is split because of the Lucas comeback thing, so he shared it just to serve a certain part of the fandom. and since SM’s thing happened, there is no sound from lucas


SM stans falling for propaganda. Lmao


Only fool will get use by SM propaganda


What the fuck did my girlies aespa do to deserve this. I heard they even liked the title song before all this happened 🙁


K-pop Stans chiming in on these companies always makes me laugh 😭


Like fr…majority of them don’t even know how these stuffs work but are giving out their opinions like a fooled clown. And ppl who are actually speaking about how the situation really is are getting downvoted…like i get it why most k-pop stans are called as brainless toads in community. Cause they actually are.


Why do people say Lee Soo Man sold his shares to HYBE at a low price?
I mean when Lee Soo Man sold his shares to HYBE SM share price 98500 won and HYBE bought his shares for 120 000 won per share so he actually sold his shares around 21% higher price than what was the current market price.


Because they are pushing a narrative.

It is what it is

Omg wtf I’m in shock


Apparently, things must not be going the way he wanted for his side to pull this move now, of all times.

This is like divorce ct, which is the closest you’ll probably ever see of constant television levels of ct drama irl. But this reminds me of how ex-spouses, who had shared a business together, will both randomly air their dirty laundry (like the affairs the other had or whatnot) just to make the other look worse. And they only bring it up when the judge is trying to decide how the business should be split. But it always shows how both sides were being greedy and how neither were good to each other.

And this feels the same bc both Lees caused this mess to happen with their greed.


Thought WayV will be disband


We wish but SM loves Chinese market and problematic persons for sure.


Thought Hybe didn’t get a long well with Chinese government . Did hybe have any Chinese Idols


This is why there are nepotism laws in u.s. this is so messy but entertaining. If hybe acquires sm…the first to go is leadership. The desperation on both chris lee and lsm is so pathegic and funny.

Lazy Banana

It’s so funny seeing people so invested in corporate shenanigans lmao.


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