SM CEO Lee Sung Soo just made a video about the greatest statement of all time (shock alert)

SM CEO Lee Sung Soo just made a video about the greatest statement of all time……. (shock alert)

Lee Sung Soo is Lee Soo Man’s nephew

HYBE said that Lee Soo Man can only produce overseas -> He can produce albums in Japanese, American, Chinese, etc. for all SM singers, not just WayV, SuperM and Aespa

1. I was really shocked when I watched this video

2. But why did Lee Soo Man sell his shares to HYBE at a low price? Everything has a reason. Honestly, not being involved in songwriting in Korea for 3 years is just a play on words

3. Seriously.. I really hate HYBE, I hate Lee Soo Man too

4. I’m worried about all SM idols, including my idols

5. The reason why Aespa’s comeback was delayed has finally been revealed. I feel bad for these girls

6. Lee Soo Man is weirder and scarier than I thought…. HYBE.. Please sell your shares

7. If you want to get rid of Lee Soo Man, you also have to get rid of HYBE

8. I wouldn’t say HYBE is better now

9. I’m waiting for a statement from HYBE

10. This is why SM employees are against HYBE taking over SM

11. Lee Soo Man’s greed gave me goosebumps

12. For Lee Soo Man, Aespa is not an artist, but a kind of tool to make money.. Seriously, that’s too much

13. HYBE didn’t know this…? They must have ignored all this for the sake of profit

14. Just thinking about Aespa makes me feel so bad

15. I’m not a fan of HYBE, I’m just a fan of HYBE idol groups, but this is annoying… What’s the plan this year?

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