SM criticized for opening ‘NCT Project’ audition

Audition for becoming an NCT member opened

The name of the audition is ‘NCT Project’

Even the song choices are NCT songs

If you pass the final round, you will have a chance to debut as a member of NCT

1. Isn’t J-Pop ruined because of that system? SM is so stupid

2. If I were an idol who has aspirations, I’d probably go to HYBE

3. Instead of the NCT system, let’s debut a new boy group

4. NCT is just an idol factory

5. Do they really want to imitate AKB????

6. If they keep doing this, all the group’s fans will leave the fandom and only individual fans will be left, SM is the company that is taking the lead in getting rid of the group’s fans

7. I’m a muggle, I don’t know their faces and I’m tired of hearing the name NCT

8. AKB48 male idol version..?

9. Oh my god… please stop, just debut a new boy group…

10. I hate the NCT system so much

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