SM employees’ post reveals that SM is throwing away their employees and their artists

SM employees’ post was posted on Blind yesterday

“So (SM) is throwing away their employees and their artists”

“How many resigned?”

“There’s rumors that about 70? Or 80 employees quit this month. How many people resigned so far? Does anyone know?”

“7ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 80 people? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ that’s crazy”

“Do they not know? Or are they pretending not to know?”

“Yeah they called their friends, and that friend called another friend who is a r***d, and that r***d called another friend who is also a r***d, and they called another, and another, infinite repeat”

“The company isn’t going to change so each to their own”

“They’re not going to be interested even if the company is in chaos or is on fire”

1. They made a fuss about wanting to kick out Lee Soo Man and merge with Kakao

2. Those stories have been circulating in the fandom so I’m not surprised, with Lee Soo Man leaving and Kakao joining it’s just a mess

3. It’s true that things are getting worse, the company looks like it’s slowly sinking

4. I’m not even a fan but I feel sorry for the artists

5. If 70 to 80 people quit, the company is really bad

6. A weird company that allows people like Lucas to debut as solo artists

7. I don’t know anything else but please protect the artists

8. I feel sorry for the staff and artists

9. Looking at Karina posting her apology, it seems like SM is a mess

10. I’m not saying Lee Soo Man did well, but the truth is that SM is having problems right now

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