SM Entertainment responds to the news of Karina breaking up with Lee Jae Wook

[Official] SM Entertainment “It is true that Karina broke up with Lee Jae Wook”

An official from Karina’s agency, SM Entertainment, told SPOTV News on the 2nd, “It is true that she and Lee Jae Wook broke up.”

1. Haters, do you feel relieved now?

2. They must have had a hard time ㅠㅠ

3. Karina fighting!

4. I feel sorry for them..

5. Don’t go public with your relationship. I don’t care about anyone. Don’t dig up celebrities.. Especially Dispatch. When will they go bankrupt?

6. Who came up with the unwritten rule that celebrities shouldn’t date?

7. Wow…what the hell have the haters done? They could have dated if it weren’t for the malicious comments

8. I feel so sorry for Karina

9. Let’s do better and be happier in the future. I always support you

10. I feel so sorry for celebrities these days

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