SM’s comeback lineup for the first half of this year

1. Wow, Onew will release his solo album

2. Finally Taeyeon’s new album ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. I want to listen to Baekhyun’s new song, please

4. EXO’s management team doesn’t seem to be working

5. Won’t EXO’s Baekhyun release his new song right after being discharged from the army? ㅠㅠ What happened?

6. What about Aespa’s concert? ㅠㅠ Please take care of Aespa ㅠㅠ

7. NCT member will debut solo, is it Taeil??

8. What about Aespa?

9. I’m looking forward to it because it’s SHINee’s 15th anniversary album. Taemin will be solo in the second half of the year, right?

10. Why is there no EXO???? Damn

11. When will Red Velvet make a comeback?

12. When will Baekhyun and Taemin release solo songs?

13. No, where are Red Velvet and EXO?

14. Taeyeon’s 5th mini album coming soon

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TAEYEON!!!!! Her INVU album was just * chef’s kiss * it was my most replayed album last year. Can’t wait for her new songs! She never misses <3

Happy to see SHINee on the list too, I hope they reunite and go on tour like they wanted. SHINee World in Japan just hits different. Fingers crossed Taemin will also comeback by the end of the year.

And Aespa, I hope their comeback will live up to the (very high) expectations. They've been through so much for no fault of theirs, so I genuinely wish them success!


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Still no aespa. Istg Chris Lee hates them. Nepo asshat cares more about that dozen Lucas than giving the girls a comeback but when he got fucked he pretends it’s all LSM’s fault when he was also in the same boat until it’s time to jump ship smh


Aespa is scheduled to release their full album in April. They’re having a tour in Japan in March to April.

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Good for aespa. They should be having a comeback since 4th gen is so competitive. But I still hate Chris Lee


Didn’t the EXO members said that they were gonna have a group comeback soon??


Baekhyun just recently left the military. Let the man relax for a bit and let him work in peace for his next album/exo album.




Aside from taeyeon i really have no interest in any of them. That’s what noise music does to sm like ppl get appalled and just not want to check them out fr

Shu Yan

I think red velvet will have a tour first then an album


They’ll keep pushing Taeyong and he will keep them failed like he away does


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