SNSD (Girls’ Generation) and BLACKPINK’s career similarities a thread


* The debut date of both groups coincides with the beginning of August. The debut song of both groups is very successful in Korea. (Into the new world and Whistle)

* The songs that both groups released in their second year made them explode in Korea. (Gee and Ddu-du ddu-du)

* The songs they released in their 4th year are their biggest hits globally. In a way, it allows 2 groups to experience their second peak. (The boys and How you like that)

* The songs they released in their 6th year were again very successful in the charts, allowing them to experience a new peak. However, it was not as popular as its previous peaks. (I got a boy and Pink venom)

* Both groups became very famous in South Korea, both as members and as a group. They have been very successful not only in the music industry but also in the acting industry and the fashion industry. 

* The girl groups that came after them were called “next Snsd/Blackpink, the heirs of Snsd/Blackpink”. Subsequent generations took them as role models the most.

* Both groups still have stable charts in Korea. If they released a song now, it would be in Melon’s top 5.

* They led their generations in the all categories.

* They became the biggest and most successful girl groups of their era.

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