SNSD Hyoyeon, Apink Bomi and more are being held in Bali, Indonesia

[Exclusive] ‘Pick Me Trip in Bali’ was found to be filming in Bali without permission… Hyoyeon → Yoon Bomi detained

The cast and crew of ‘Pick Me Trip in Bali’ including Hyoyeon, Bomi, Choi Hee, Lim Na Young, and Dita departed for Bali on April 21

It was discovered that the production staff failed to obtain a filming permit, and as a result, the passports of all of the cast members as well as approximately 30 members of the filming crew were confiscated by the local authorities

The crew is currently being investigated while remaining in their hotels

1. No, what the hell are they doing?

2. The production team is crazy

3. Wow, the production crew is crazy, but what about the cast?

4. Are they crazy? They don’t even know the basics

5. The production team is embarrassing our country

6. What era is this? They thought it was the 90s? Who is the producer?

7. Aren’t they crazy? Why did they go to someone else’s country and film without permission? What should actors do? How scared and surprised were they?

8. The actors’ schedules are all mixed up… What the hell are the production staff doing?

9. They went abroad and did what they did in Korea

10. Don’t you think we’ll have to wait for more articles to find out if the production team is crazy or the Indonesian government is crazy?

11. Are there any guidelines when filming abroad? I never thought something like this would happen in 2024

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