SNSD Sunny announces news of leaving SM after 16 years

SNSD’s Sunny just posted on Instagram

1. Sunny, I will support you

2. Sunny fighting!!

3. I’m sure Sunny will do well, so I’ll support her no matter what she does

4. Sunny writes well. I hope that she releases a solo album soon.. Fighting!!

5. Sunny’s voice is so good, I’m looking forward to her solo album, and she’s a member with good skills, so I’m really not worried~ ~ Fighting Sunny!!!

6. Sunny fighting!! I hope that she will do a lot of activities

7. Sunny fighting. I like Sunny’s voice so I hope she releases a solo album soon

8. Sunny will do well wherever she goes

9. Sunny, you will do well anywhere, fighting!

10. Sunny, I’m really waiting for a solo album. Please release it soon

11. I like Soshi.. Sunny fighting!!

12. Sunny, don’t worry, I think you’ll be fine

13. I love you and I will always support you

14. Sunny, fighting.. I’ll wait for your solo album!!

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