“Something reminds me of Red Velvet” Netizens talk about IVE ‘Baddie’ teaser


1. Lately Leeseo keeps attracting my attention, she seems to be so good at using facial expressions

2. The MV teaser reminds me of Red Velvet ‘Bad Boy’

3. Something reminds me of Red Velvet

4. I was a bit disappointed because the first two songs weren’t that good, but this song feels like the title and reminds me of Red Velvet

5. Does anyone know Everglow? As soon as I heard the beat, I immediately thought of Everglow

6. I guess I’m not the only one thinking about Red Velvet

7. I think this song will be good

8. The song feels like a Red Velvet song

9. I’m not sure about the song but I think the music video quality will be good

10. Liz is so pretty

11. They remind me of Red Velvet

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