Son Naeun is withdrawing from Apink ahead of their 11th anniversary

Son Naeun decided to leave Apink… Withdraw ahead of 11th debut anniversary

Son Naeun is withdrawing from Apink ahead of their 11th anniversary

An insider stated, “Naeun decided that she can no longer participate in Apink’s activities due to other schedules at the same time”

1. Son Naeun, I hope you get better

2. I don’t know the details…. But if you’ve been a member of an idol group for 10 years, I think you can choose what you want to do now, whether it’s leaving the group or doing solo activities

3. Their fans are pitiful and Son Naeun is pitiful too.. I hope she does well in the future

4. But there must be reasons why fans who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on them and loved them for years are cursing them;

5. It’s ridiculous that fans of the group are criticizing Son Naeun, she’s worked hard for 10 years.. I think she can do what she wants to do now

6. She’s worked hard for 10 years. Son Naeun, let’s do better in the future

7. It’s a pity that I can’t watch Naeun’s activities on stage, but I’m supporting her

8. I hope Naeun will do well with her individual activities and Apink will continue promoting for a long time ㅠㅠ

9. I think she wants to be active in Apink even if she changed her agency… But it’s hard for her to do it because their agencies are different ㅠㅠ

10. It’s a pity that she’s pretty and good on stage~ I’m sure she’ll do well with her acting

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