Song Da Eun warns BTS Jimin’s fans that she might sue them

Song Da Eun’s Instagram story update

1. I really feel sorry for Song Da Eun

2. Jimin, don’t let your girlfriend fight alone with fans, make your relationship public

3. Don’t go on social media and post malicious comments

4. Are they really fans of BTS?

5. I hope they will get married. I’m curious about the fans’ reactions

6. Why are those fans like that?

7. They dated because they liked each other, but why are fans harassing her?

8. She seems like the same type of person as Han So Hee

9. Oppa they like her, so why do they support their relationship?

10. They harassed Song Da Eun when they first found out that they were dating. Stop harassing them

11. Are they really dating??

12. What? Is she dating BTS Jimin? Am I the only one who doesn’t know?

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