Song Hye Kyo updates Instagram with Cha Eunwoo

Song Hye Kyo updates Instagram (with Cha Eunwoo)

1. So when will this drama be aired… I want to watch it in 16 episodes…

2. Well this is my first time not seeing Cha Eunwoo… Hye Kyo unnie is crazy…

3. The meeting of face geniuses is crazy

4. Korean prince and princess

5. Song Hye Kyo seems to have aura as she gets older, she’s seriously so pretty

6. Cha Eunwoo is still handsome with that hairstyle

7. How did Cha Eunwoo look good with that hair?

8. Her style is perfect, she’s a goddess

9. I really think Hye Kyo unnie’s hair suits her the best

10. Can’t the two of them film a romantic drama?

11. Queen and Prince… Cha Eunwoo is crazy…

12. She looks like a real queen

13. I can only see Song Hye Kyo’s face, her aura is amazing

14. Wow they are so chic and pretty

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