“Stop imitating NewJeans, aren’t they embarrassed?” Netizens talk about RIIZE ‘Love 119’ MV

RIIZE ‘Love 119’ MV

They just performed

1. Stop imitating NewJeans, aren’t they embarrassed?

2. No… it really reminds me of NewJeans Ditto. Anyway, why can’t they just give up on Japan?

3. Oh, the song is good and the MV is good too

4. Don’t imitate NewJeans

5. It reminds me of Ditto

6. NewJeans doesn’t make everything but this music video reminds me of NewJeans

7. I don’t think anything about NewJeans, the song is good and the kids are handsome

8. Is this the concept of high school in Japan?

9. It’s like NewJeans… NewJeans is doing well so I guess they referenced it

10. The MV is similar to NewJeans Ditto

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