Stray Kids Felix fans caught buying fake Fancam views

Fans of Stray Kids member Felix have once again been exposed for buying fancam views.

For many years Felix has only 8 fancams with one million views and within a month he gained Four fancams with over a million views despite not going viral for anything.


He suddenly managed to surpass TXT’s Yeonjun and Stray Kids’ Lee Know and is about to surpass Enhypen’s Ni-Ki

His 2 year old God’s Dduddu fancam which was gaining less than 300 hundred views suddenly began gaining 4,000 views and up to 10,000 views and above without a corresponding increase in likes.

His recent MBC fancam after reaching a million from bought views also went from 25,000 views to 3,000 views to 500 views.


We wrote this article because the fraudulence needed to be exposed.


We wanted to make sure fans of other idols like ours who were cheated out of their hard work know about this.