Stray Kids Hyunjin fans sent protest trucks in front of YG

Stray Kids Hyunjin fans sent protest trucks in front of YG

“Treat all artists fairly and create a team specially to support Hwang Hyunjin.”

“Protect your artists well! Protect Hwang Hyunjin, JYP!”

“To the always soft Hyunjin, we will always be by your side!”

1. Those aren’t rumors about school violence… I guess something else has come out

2. One way or another, this will not be good for Stray Kids’ future. It’s a complete barrier to being a fan

3. What do you mean when you say that Hyunjin is soft?

4. They have no conscience when it comes to discrimination, isn’t he the most beneficial member?

5. I thought it was due to school violence, but looking at the comments, it seems like something else happened

6. What else does he need to protect?

7. I don’t know what it is but I know there are rumors spreading because of the fans

8. JYP did a great job protecting him

9. I think they prepared and sent it before this rumor started spreading

10. These people are disgraceful, they live in their own world

11. Chinese fans again??? It seems like they have nothing to do

12. I thought the fans finally woke up and wanted him to leave the group

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