Stray Kids was accused of plagiarizing the concept of The KingDom

This is my first time seeing idol concepts that are so similar that I wonder if it’s plagiarism or not…

The KingDom’s comeback schedule came out on April 7

Stray Kids’ comeback schedule was announced today

When I first saw it, the layout and ideas were so similar

1. Well, it’s not plagiarism, but I guess it’s reference?

2. Is the vending machine concept common?

3. It’s so similar, but is the vending machine concept common?

4. The one below looks more similar to NCT Dream’s one

5. Where is it common? Am I the only one who doesn’t know?

6. There are many concepts about vending machines

7. Aside from the fact that they are vending machines, they don’t look similar at all

8. It seems to be a concept used by many people

9. Aren’t both groups just copying NCT Dream..?

10. I’ve read all the comments but all I can see is the difference in quality between companies

11. As soon as I saw it, I thought of Dream

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