Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Instagram account exposed for fake followers and likes

Stray Kids recently made headlines for their fanmeeting in Japan where they reportedly gathered over 90K attendees for 2 days.

However, With the ongoing fierce competition between 4th gen idols both as groups and as individuals, fans are believed to go to extreme lengths to support their idols. 

After Recently surpassing 18 million followers on instagram, straykids’ Hyunjin account has been criticized on online communities by netizens wondering about the sudden jump in followers count from 11 million followers to 18 million in the span of 1 month.

Many has shared screenshots of fake followers and bots spotted among his followers multiple times, worrying about how this could affect his account by possibly getting it shadowbanned.

Aside from the followers’ count, the likes of his posts were spotted to be decreasing on multiple occasions, a sign of instagram deleting bot engagement.

Netizens are beginning to question the credibility of instagram being used as a measure of relevancy anymore after such incidents were reported multiple times.

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